String 'em Up Guitar Repairs is a guitar studio that offers experienced guitar and bass repair for reasonable rates and quick service.

Classic 1950 style Red Gretch Parlor Acoustic - bridge re-glued 1960 Teisco Del Ray style Bass - neck and body adjustment 1960 Teisco Del Ray style Bass - wiring work Back of Greco copy of Rickenbacker 4001 - neck re-glued


I brought in a beat up acoustic and Trevor cleaned it up, did a setup with a neck adjustment and new strings, and dealt with some of the superficial dings. He even texted me to ask about something we didn't notice when I dropped off. He was done with it within a few hours and the guitar feels like new! Not only that, but he was super friendly and explained everything he was going to do and answered all my questions. Price was more reasonable than any other place I've been. I'll definitely be taking my guitars here in the future.

- Tom W.

Trevor takes great care in working on his client's guitars and has an astute attention to detail, spotting things that I have missed. He previously worked on the Ibanez a year ago, fixed some minor damage and went above and beyond to adjust the action improving the playability drastically. He has saved my Ibanez exotic wood acoustic electric from a neck cracking face plant and has transformed my Squier '51 from not very playable to being the first out of three electrics I reach for. His turn around times are quick and he's communicative throughout the process. You won't find anyone that takes more pride in his work. Cheers Trevor!

- Anthony E.

My daughter and I made an appointment with Trevor to get a setup and restring done on a BC Rich Warlock she picked up at a pawn shop. She has no guitar knowledge, but great aspirations to play her dream guitar. We dropped off the guitar thinking we'd be picking it up at a later date. Trevor said to come back in about an hour and it would be ready. My daughter was thrilled!! When we got back an hour later, Trevor had the guitar ready, except for the restringing. He thought it might be nice to demonstrate to her, how to string, in case one should break and she can do it herself. Trevor's patience in showing her what to do was was amazing and inspiring. It is so obvious that he truly loves what he does. All throughout we were chatting and he was sharing some of his cool stories and experiences with us. Overall, we were extremely satisfied with Trevor's top notch workmanship--but we had a great afternoon too! Five stars, Trevor--you rock!! Margaret & Ren

- Margaret H.

Trevor is really nice to this beginner and very knowledgeable. Work was well worth the money and the guitar sounds better than it did when new. Would definitely recommend.

- Kevin S.

Trevor did a full setup on my guitar - fixed a broken bridge pin, broken tuning pegs (which I wasn't aware of), cleaned/polished it up and new strings - all in under a couple hours! Great price and now my guitar looks and sounds brand new. Super friendly guy who is obviously an expert on all things concerning guitars. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Maddy T.